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Cancer Supportive & Survivorship Care

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educational information to complement surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and improve suvivorship.

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Living with a chronic illness such as cancer can be difficult. Learn more about cancer causes, symptoms, treatment solutions and side effects at

Grief is a normal, necessary psychological process that helps a person adapt to the loss of a loved one. The survivor is depressed and often withdraws from former interests, activities and even friends. Grief is a very personal experience; even among members of a family who lose the same person, the experience of the loss will be different for each person. The closer the relationship to the deceased, the greater the loss.

The outward signs of grief are similar to those of depression and generally include intense mental anguish, remorse and sorrow. But these are mere words, and cannot describe the emotional pain and shock experienced by a person who mourns. He or she has lost love, goals, friendship or security, none of which are immediately replaceable. Site Map   |  Topics of Interest

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