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Cancer Supportive & Survivorship Care

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educational information to complement surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and improve suvivorship.

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Prayer may be a step towards longevity in that it fosters faith. Prayer is not a technique for curing real and organic diseases, Though it contributes enormously to the enjoyment of abundant health and to the relief of numerous mental, emotional, and nervous ailments. Even in actual bacterial disease, prayer has many times added to the efficacy of other remedial procedures. And much better recognized are the effects of spiritual resources on healing. Clinicians have long observed that patients with a strong personal faith recover better and live longer than those without such resources.

Prayer can take on numerous forms. It can be individual or take place in a group or congregation. It can involve words or not. Common forms of prayer are traditional prayer (usually with words), movement meditation such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Sufism, and Zen, song, dreamwork, dance, journal writing, and still others.

Certainly, further research is needed to help elucidate the important role of spirituality to overall health and longevity. Until that time, one must take it in good faith (pun definitely intended) that such a relationship exists. Site Map   |  Topics of Interest

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