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How To Develop A Total Patient Care, Cancer Supportive Care Program (CSCP)The Stanford Complementary Medicine Clinic Experience
Abstract For The 12TH International Supportive Care Conference, Washington, DC March 25, 2000
Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, David Spiegel, MD, Margaret Hawn, RN, Pat Fobair, LCSW, Francine Manuel, RPT, Kathleen Dzubur, MS, Pat Kramer, RN, MSN, AOCN, Pat Kearney, RD and Bernadette Festa, RD, MS,
Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, CA

In January, 1999, a free CSCP was initiated in the Complementary Care Clinic at Stanford Medical Center to help meet the multiple needs of cancer patients, newly diagnosed, those undergoing and post therapy. Weekly lectures were given on various topics including psychosocial support, will to live, coping with cancer nutrition fatigue and sleep problems.

Workshops, classes, and individual consults are implemented.

A website was started to provide patients with new and pertinent information. This site is updated every two weeks.

A four-part course was given in November 1999 with an overview, web/information and tutorial, exercise, nutrition, fatigue and pharmacological ways of reducing side effects.

To publicize the program an implementation guide was developed.

Videotapes have been made on exercise (bed, chair, and free standing). Tapes on fatigue reduction and pharmacological support will be made in Jan/Feb 2000. All tapes and books are available for patients to borrow.

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