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Man In The Maze From the Tohono Odham Tribe of Southern Arizona

Appendix E

A heritage scrapbook is a wonderful project for the whole family and a way to share precious memories down through the generations. The most common scrapbook album size is 12" x 12", but some prefer the smaller sizes of 8.5" x 11" or 8" x 8." If you will be making copies of the scrapbook, the smaller sizes may be more economical. Use acid-free, archival items for everything in your scrapbook.

A family tree will help you organize the pages of your scrapbook. Decide whether you want to highlight each member or group on a one- or two-page spread. You may want to Google heritage scrapbook page layouts for ideas and inspiration to help get you started.

Easy Steps to Making a Scrapbook Page:
1. Choose a number of photos. For single pages, choose 3 to 5 pictures, and for two-page spreads, choose 6-10.
2. Select papers that will complement your pictures.
3. If you crop your pictures, never use your originals in case you make a mistake and trim too much on the first try.
4. Add other family mementos like handkerchiefs, medals, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, letters, locks of hair, lace, dried flowers, or recipes. Put these in acid-free memorabilia pockets to protect your pages.
5. Personalize your pages by adding journaling - answer the questions, who, what, when, why and where to describe the people and events in the pictures. Add stories and favorite memories when possible. Use full names. In addition to and/or instead of Uncle Ernie, say Ernest Harold Rosenbaum.
6. Embellishments are available to enhance your pages - stickers, mats, vellum, die cuts. These are offered in craft and book stores.
7. Experiment with different layout arrangements before adhering items permanently to the page.
8. Don't try to be a perfectionist. You are preserving important memories in your life to share with others. Enjoy the experience.
9. A Journal Scrapbook or Storytelling Box is a fun and easy way to record your family stories, memories and experiences.

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