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Sample Promotional Letters for the Cancer Supportive Care Program

Letter 1
Subject Line:
SPREAD THE WORD!!! Tell Patients about Cancer Supportive Care Program
Please distribute the booklet for our program by:
Patients benefit from this program by:
Receiving completed and comprehensive total supportive care in a nurturing, unhurried environment
Gain knowledge about their illness
Increased information aid in decision-making about treatment
Informational lectures/workshops
Access to additional resources on the Internet / extensive book and video library
Having social contact with other cancer patients

Letter 2
Subject Line:

What Is Cancer Supportive Care?
Cancer supportive care attends to the whole patient, addressing and/body issues of cancer patients.

1. To reduce the morbidity and toxicity of disease and/or related therapy and to improve general physical and mental health.
2. To improve the quality of life for cancer patients on therapy as well as for long-term cancer survivors.
3. To expand currently available support modalities and address specific problems confronted by cancer patients and their families / friends.
4. Provide scientific research to evaluate the effectiveness and valsue of supportive care to cancer patients.

Who Will Participate?
An entire medical team, the patient, and the patient's family and friends.

How does it work?
The emphasis is on patient education and communication with the medical team for ore comprehensive care. There will be a lecture series / workshops conducted by various by various members of the team. Topics will range from nutrition to coping skills to mind / body interactions. Surveys given to patients will help define areas of interest as well as grade the effectiveness of the program.

How Does A Cancer Supportive Care Program Benefit Patients?
Preliminary studies have shown that patients who are more knowledgeable about their illness are better able to cope, attain increased quality of life and have increased survival rates. A cancer supportive care program addresses the mental and physical needs of patients by taking an integrated team approach. The emphasis is on patient education and total patient care for increased chances of survival.

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