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Life After Cancer A Roadmap for Cancer Survivors

The Stanford Cancer Concierge Program
Holly Gautier, RN,
Cancer Concierge Services, Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center

You rely on family and friends in countless ways in nearly every aspect of your life. They, in turn, count on you. A cancer diagnosis can dramatically change that balance for both the patient, and everyone in his or her support circle.

In the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Cancer Concierge Services aspires to build a new model of integrated care that addresses the needs of each individual and his or her support system. This support assists each person through diagnosis, treatment program, recovery process, and survival. Designed to complement the wide array of traditional cancer treatments, Cancer Concierge Services integrates all aspects of healing: strengthening the body, educating the mind, and fostering hope and courage. Survivors may choose from a wide array of advocate service, integrative medicine, Wellness therapies, counseling, caregiver support and training, and education resources provided in our Supportive Care Program.

Serving as a bridge between standard medical care and non-medical healing, the Supportive Care Program provides survivors and their families with opportunities to develop new coping skills and improve quality of life to live with and through their cancer. The free classes offered to all survivors and their loved ones provide help and offer everything from physical fitness classes to meditation workshops to support groups. In each class, there is a built-in network of resources and knowledgeable group leaders to ensure that all needs - whether physical, emotional or spiritual - are met.

Whether you have an interest in our Pilates classes, nutrition counseling, the 15-minute chair massages or the art classes in the Infusion Treatment Area, you may choose to try some or all of the programs at any time. Cancer Concierge Services offers all programs free of charge and there is no pressure to attend. A complete listing of classes and programs can be found on our website: Together, we aim to help support you and your family heal, survive and thrive.

Stanford Supportive Care Programs:
Art for HealthNia Exercise
Art & Imagery Nutrition Consultations
Caregivers Workshop Pilates
Chemotherapy Workshop Restorative Yoga
Healing & Guided Imagery Spiritual Practices Workshops
Healing Touch Support Groups (10)
Living Strong, Living Well Writing Through Cancer
Medical Qigong 15-Minute Chair Massage

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