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Life After Cancer A Roadmap for Cancer Survivors

UCSF Ida and Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center
Paul Asfour,
Volunteer Program Manager and Patient Educator

A cancer diagnosis is something virtually no one is prepared to accept. It is a life changing event that affects not only one's practical concerns such as doctors' appointments and treatment, but also one's perception of oneself, one's relationship to others, and even the philosophical and spiritual foundations of one's life.

Supportive care is profoundly important. This care can be obtained through many avenues, both personal and institutional. At the UCSF Ida and Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center, we believe in making these support services available to anyone who wants or needs them, free of charge.

We provide information, emotional support and lifestyle services.

Information offered includes free educational pamphlets a lay-oriented lending library of 1,500 books and recordings, monthly topical seminars on subjects related to cancer, and regular nutrition classes. Our staff and volunteers help refer patients to other support services, such as social work, community services outside of UCSF, home care, transportation, lodging as well as other national cancer support agencies. Our database contains thousands of community resources, including retreats, air transportation, massage, psychotherapy and many others.

Emotional support is primarily offered by our caring staff and dedicated volunteers. Additionally, we offer approximately 15 support groups and a premier peer-support program, which matches survivors to both newly diagnosed patients and patients in treatment. We also offer medical preparation planning, which assists patients in clarifying questions for their health care providers and sorting through treatment options.

Our lifestyle programs include meditation and guided imagery, yoga, dance, restorative movement and Pilates-based exercise.

We also offer collaborative programs and services, including Smoking Cessation, Art for Recovery, Prepare for Surgery, and medical research services with professional medical librarians.

Above all, our staff and volunteers maintain a caring and supportive presence, and are motivated by a strong commitment to be of service.

In summary, our offerings include:
Information and Referral Services Nutrition Seminars Topical Seminars Support Groups

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