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Hope And QOL
David Spiegel, MD

Hope is one of the greatest allies supporting quality of life.

Plato said that courage is knowing when to be afraid. There are many stories of courageous people who become very ill or face some other crisis yet count themselves fortunate. In the face of a dismal diagnosis or harsh circumstances, they can take stock of their resources and find strength and love.

Many people have faced sickness but were not overtaken by it. Although one part of them became ill, they did not give up. Their bodies may have suffered, but their spirits remained strong. Indeed, serious illness is a reminder that we are not immortal. Those who respond creatively to a life-threateningillness hear it as a wake-up call, a reminder of how time is short and life is precious. They do what matters most while they can, experience the joys of living and loving, and let the people around them know how much they are loved and appreciated. They trivialize the trivial, drop useless commitments, eliminate relationships that are taxing and not worth the trouble, and just say no to what they think they should do rather than what they want to do.

They live with hope for a cure, remission, control and stabilization of their cancer and procede to ways to promote their quality of life.

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First appeared August 30, 2009