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Cancer Supportive & Survivorship Care

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educational information to complement surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and improve suvivorship.

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Living with a chronic illness such as cancer can be difficult. Learn more about cancer causes, symptoms, treatment solutions and side effects at

The coping strategies we have discussed are not right for everyone, but there is good evidence that they are generally helpful to patients who are dealing with cancer. The bottom line is that they help patients feel better and stronger. Patients feel better because they are facing their illness squarely and working through its emotional impacts, and yet also keeping a perspective on it so that it does not define them or take over their life. Through all the trials and challenges that cancer can bring, they are keeping their wits about them and are able to carry on. They feel stronger because they have support, from other people and from within themselves. They have taken stock of their most cherished reasons for living, which strengthens and sustains them in their fight against cancer. And yet they also feel that their survival is not the only important objective; the quality of their lives and relationships, the values they live by and their spirituality also deserve attention and effort. They have the peace of knowing that their death from cancer, if it comes to that, will not obliterate the meaning, value and joy that their life has given to them and their loved ones. Site Map   |  Topics of Interest

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