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Euthanasia - Life and Death Instructions
Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD; Isadora R Rosenbaum, MA; Debra Marks, PhD; Sabrina Selim, MD; Thomas Addison, MD; Joanna Beam, JD; Meryl Brod, PhD; David Claman, MD; Alan J. Coleman, MD; Malin Dollinger, MD; Michael Glover; Nancy Lambert, RN, BSN; Elmo Petterle; Patricia Sparacino, RN, MS, Jeffrey Silberman, Dmin; Kenneth A Woeber, MD

To hasten a person's death by active euthanasia is inconsistent with the hospice philosophy of providing quality care at the end of life; but attaining effective pain control may in some cases hasten death. The hospice will focus on helping patients differentiate between giving up and accepting death as a natural progression in life.

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