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Fatigue Facts
Ernest H Rosenbaum, MD; Barbara F. Piper, RN, OCN, DNSc.; Marilyn Dodd RN, PhD; Kathleen Dzubur, MS; Michael Glover, Pat Kramer, RN, MSN, AOCN; RoseAnn Kurshner, RN, BSN, MEd; Francine Manuel, RPT

Fatigue - What a Patient Needs to Know
Fatigue Problems
What Causes Fatigue

Fatigue - What Physicians Need to Know
Fatigue Associated with Medical Therapy: Causes and Solutions
Tips For Reducing Fatigue

Fatigue Reduction Program for Improved Quality of Life
Fatigue Diagram

In a recent survey of 379 patients reviewed by Gregory A. Curt, MD of the National Cancer Institute and a member of the Fatigue Coalition state The physical, emotional, and economic stress of fatigue on cancer patients has a serious impact on the ability to get back to the business of living.

Overview From the Fatigue Coalition

70-90% of patients on therapy suffer from fatigue.
50% have fatigue that affects their routines on a daily basis.
Many patients feel that it is a frightening and frustrating experience to lose control and thus rely on others for support.
66% of cancer patients state problems related to fatigue are more common than those associated with pain.
Fatigue is the strongest side effect from cancer therapy at 70% followed by 22% nausea and 10% depression.
45% experienced fatigue 1 week after chemotherapy and 33% had fatigue 2 weeks after chemotherapy.
89% said fatigue and the resulting stress changed their daily living habits.
71% missed one or more days of work each month with 31% missing an entire week of work.
Patients strongly feel that fatigue impacts their ability to earn a living: 28% had to discontinue work.
59% of patients experience difficulties in socializing with friends and family due to fatigue.
As therapies become more aggressive, there is an increase in the symptoms of fatigue which can affect their future doses of therapy.
Debilitating fatigue is frequently undertreated by physicians.

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