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Fatigue Reduction Program for Improved Quality of Life
Ernest H Rosenbaum, MD; Barbara F. Piper, RN, OCN, DNSc.; Marilyn Dodd RN, PhD; Kathleen Dzubur, MS; Michael Glover, Pat Kramer, RN, MSN, AOCN; RoseAnn Kurshner, RN, BSN, MEd; Francine Manuel, RPT

Fatigue: What a Patient Needs to Know
Facts on Fatigue
Problems of Fatigue

What Causes Fatigue
What Physicians Need to Know
Fatigue Associated with Medical Therapy: Causes and Solutions

Tips For Reducing Fatigue

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It is essential to combat fatigue because it affects how we live, how well we tolerate cancer therapy, and our overall quality of life. Fatigue can rob us of our ability to live a fuller life to our best level.

Susan L. Scheer, a member of the Fatigue Coalition and a member of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship said that "the real message of the survey findings is that many patients with fatigue are suffering alone when treatment options are available. Clearly, based on these results, fatigue may jeopardize patients' careers and their ability to take care of themselves and their families. The treatment community and patients need to recognize this fact and actively seek and request more treatment options."

Develop your own personal fatigue treatment guidelines
Analyze your fatigue journal and devise a realistic daily schedule.
Adapt methods of energy conservation through lifestyle changes.
Work alongside your doctor or therapist to identify medications that may help.

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