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Fatigue Problems
Ernest H Rosenbaum, MD; Barbara F. Piper, RN, OCN, DNSc.; Marilyn Dodd RN, PhD; Kathleen Dzubur, MS; Michael Glover, Pat Kramer, RN, MSN, AOCN; RoseAnn Kurshner, RN, BSN, MEd; Francine Manuel, RPT

Fatigue - What a Patient Needs to Know
Fatigue Facts
What Causes Fatigue

What Physicians Need to Know
Fatigue Associated with Medical Therapy: Causes and Solutions
Tips For Reducing Fatigue

Fatigue Reduction Program for Improved Quality of Life
Fatigue Diagram

Fatigue is not a simple problem but has many factors and dimensions including anemia, emotional stress, physical weakness, muscle deconditioning, and the frustrations of cancer, fears of the future and of therapy. Fatigue may be compounded by the exhaustion brought on by the very drugs and radiation treatments meant to cure cancer.

Fatigue may be short-term (acute), lasting less than one month or it may be more long-term (chronic), lasting anywhere from one month to six months or longer. Acute or chronic fatigue can have a profound negative impact on the quality of life.

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